A Book for Every Season

Whew! It’s almost October! You know what that means?!

Pumpkin Spice Lattes! Leaves changing colors! Cooler temperatures! Sweater Weather! Kids donning their favorite Halloween Costume! and, and, and….

It’s also by far the busiest month here at Heights Happiness, both social and work related. The madness is sprinkled with some travel out of state for a wedding, celebrating our ninth wedding anniversary, my daughter turns five, my niece (and Goddaughter) gets baptized, and while we’re mentioning it, two words every parent dreads: Halloween Costumes. October is also my absolute favorite month, and I wish it lasted longer in conjunction with everything that is filling the pages of my overflowing planner.

So, it’s an exciting time, and also a stressful time. Maybe you’re reading this, and like me, you’re contemplating how you’re going to A. Pull this month off and B. If it’s easier to hide under a blanket with your tenth PSL for the month. Amiright? Well, the good news for all Mother Goose Time families and educators is that I’m going to now provide to you my Top Picks from Usborne Books & More for October’s Theme: Weather & Changing Seasons.

Week One: Weather 

This week we’ll learn more about the Sun, Wind, Clouds, Snow, and Rainbows. Titles to add to your curriculum this week include:

Sun, Moon & Stars


Snowflake in My Pocket

Crow in the Snow

What makes it rain? 

Week Two: Seasons

Teaching about seasons is one of my absolute favorites! There were more titles that I could have added, and narrowed it down to the list that made the “cut”.

Cut & Color Playbook Seasons

Waiting for Winter

On the Seashore

Shine-A-Light Secrets of the Seashore

Shine-A-Light Secrets of the Apple Tree

Shine-A-Light Secrets of Winter

Week Three: Changes

This reminds me that here in Ohio, it’s gong to be Daylight Savings Time all too soon! Brace yourselves! Top picks to highlight the changes that happen in our World include:

Night Animals


Science with Air

Goose on the Loose

See Inside Weather & Climate

Weather & Climate Changes (also great for lessons during week four!)

Week Four: Storms

I’m SOOOO excited about the lessons in the Teacher Guide for the last week of the month! Here are some other resource books to add to the lesson for the final week of October.

Science Activities Volume 1

Science Activities Volume 2

Science Activities Volume 3 (this book also has great resources for week one’s lessons on clouds and rain).

Storms & Hurricanes

365 Science Activities

My top recommendation from Usborne Books & More to add to your home or school library as an additional resource for the month of October (and fantastic any time of year) is the Weather Picture Book Pack. This bundled collection of 4 books covers all the seasons. It’s a steal too at $14.99 for 4 books, that’s $3.75 for each book in the collection, and of course is backed by the lifetime 50% guarantee when you buy from an Independent Consultant (hint! That’s me!)


I currently own many of the titles that I mentioned in this post, so I’ll be sharing them next month how I embed these books along with the recommended books listed in the Mother Goose Time Teacher Guide. 

Keep Reading!


19510309_1588341684509993_3025539560496814781_nAs a Mother Goose Time Blog Ambassador, I receive Mother Goose Time curriculum in exchange for my honest and authentic stories resulting from personal experiences in implementing this curriculum with my children. All opinions and thoughts are my own and are in no way influenced by others.



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