Exciting News for Heights Happiness!


I’m excited to announce that I’ve been selected to be a Blog Ambassador for Mother Goose Time! I’m thrilled to share with you the simple, honest, and straightforward curriculum that I will be implementing this year with my three year old and almost five year old. The materials can also be easily adapted that my eight year old can participate in the activities as well!


I’ve never really considered that I “homeschooled” my children during their early childhood years, but I guess if I wanted to get right down to it, I’ve tried as much as possible to create for them a rich learning environment full of books, hands on learning experiences, cultural opportunities, and getting messy too with sensory and art activities.  So, In a roundabout way, I guess you could say that I’m a believer that parents really are their child’s first teacher, and if you have busy children like I do-they like to frequently change activities and have a variety of interests.

We’ll be kicking off in just two short days with implementing our curriculum for September, so stay tuned for my next blog on how we set up our learning environment, my first impressions of the Mother Goose Time curriculum box that I received, and our first lesson with this well designed curriculum.

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As a Mother Goose Time Blog Ambassador, I receive Mother Goose Time curriculum in exchange for my honest and authentic stories resulting from personal experiences in implementing this curriculum with my children. All opinions and thoughts are my own and are in no way influenced by others.

Why I Chose the Book Lady Life

As a parent of a children still very much in the “why” stage, I thought it might be fun to share with you my personal “why” I joined with Usborne Books & More. It’s hard to believe that I’m approaching my three year anniversary as a Book Lady!

I still identify as a SAHM, but I also run two businesses: my book business, and my childbirth education and doula business. I’m a mom first, and a business owner second. But, just three short years ago, my youngest child was born. Life was totally upside down just three years ago.


It’s hard to believe, but this kid is now three! 

You see, I have rough pregnancies. Each pregnancy the Hyperemesis gravidarum had gotten worse, and my pregnancy with Theo was brutal: ER trips, ten days in the hospital, a feeding tube and a Zofran pump. I’m not going to go into full details now, as its still emotional to dig around and talk about it, let alone put it into writing. I’ll save that for another blog post. 🙂

Raising kids is hard. If anyone says differently they’re either A. Lying or B. Have never raised children. The challenges of raising children is a major part of my “why” I joined with Usborne Books & More. When Theo was born, we had a 5 year old and a 21 month old. We had three kids five and under, my husband started a brand new job the same day that Theo was born, and I was struggling managing it all.

  • I needed support.
  • I needed to have something other than being a wife and mother.
  • I needed something that I could put my creative energy into.
  • I needed something that I could carve out of nothing and make into whatever I wanted it to be.

And, I found that with books.

I attended a Facebook party, and was already familiar with the books. The party was so much fun! When the consultant posted about the opportunity selling these books just like her, I felt a little flutter of something inside. The logical part of me tried talking the spontaneous part of me out of even considering starting a new business with a 6 week old baby, but spontaneity and logic starting working together, and I started researching more about Usborne Books & More. Everything that I found excited and energized me, and I knew that I needed to give it a try.

I loved that there were (and still are!)

  • No monthly quotas
  • Low-cost start up (under $100)
  • Training was done at my own pace via Facebook team pages and in resources provided by UBAM
  • Multiple avenues for income streams
  • Option to work with the school and library market
  • Book Fairs! (I flipping LOVED Book Fairs as a child, and I still do as an adult!)
  • Being around like-minded individuals who are passionate about literacy and books
  • Discount on everything Usborne Books & More sells
  • Amazing incentive trips I could earn for FREE
  • First to know about new titles being released
  • Networking with my community

…..and most importantly building an awesome home library for my children

I had nothing to lose. And, if I decided (or decide at any time) that this is not the right fit for me, I’ve met amazing people along the way, and it all started with buying a box of books. I’m pretty confident when I say that I’ll continue to live the “Book Lady Life”, and each day there is a new opportunity to share these books. Books change lives, and these books are so important.


If you’re curious to hear more about the opportunity with Usborne Books & More, or if any of my “whys” are resonating with some personal “whys” of your own, let’s start a conversation. Together, we’re making a difference, one book at a time.

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So about that little mouse…

Guys. GUYS! Are you ready to be mind-blown? I learned something last night, and this is so amazing to me that I had to blog about it.

If you’re familiar with the popular That’s not my series from Usborne Books & More, maybe this isn’t new information for YOU, but it was for ME. Many people learn about and fall in love with Usborne books when they are gifted a book at their baby shower, stumble across one at their local library, or even by attending a social selling event. I often hear customers say that their very first Usborne book was one of the 50 titles in the popular That’s not my series. The 50th title will be available very soon from Usborne Books & More, and in case you’ve not heard yet, it’s That’s not my unicorn. I’m so excited!!

Back to my original point: I have a secret to share with you, that maybe wasn’t a secret for you, but hold on to your seats, because I’m going to share it with you now.

Did you know that there is a little white mouse to find in this 12 page book (which  includes the front and back of the book, as the story technically starts on the cover of each book)?


See? There he is!

You did? Okay! Good….me too! I knew that little guy was on the cover, back, and on the spread of the pages. Let’s take a look at some of the examples where this little mouse can be found in this particular series.

A few of the titles in the That’s not my series, and a new variation as well!


Bold colors and contrasting thick black lines are great for infants and toddlers. Different textures accompany the describing word to connect learning.


My toddler loves to find the mouse in these books! Here’s a fun surprise in the That’s not my fairy with mouse donning a pair of fairy wings and a magic wand too!


One of the perks of attending National Convention: brand new titles given to attendees at registration!

So, this is great? Right? That’s still not the insider intel I have as an Usborne Books & More Book Lady. The mind-blowing information is that the little mouse that shows up in this popular and well-loved series is the NARRATOR of the books! Take a look back at the images of the books posted above and you’ll have the “aha” moment that I did last night. Our friend, the little mouse is telling the story.

The next time you pick up one of the books in the That’s not my series, take a peek. Observe where the mouse is on the pages. Tuck away this piece of information, and if you have another aha moment or one of mind-blowing information in another Usborne or Kane Miller title, please share with me!

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Heights Happiness

Welcome to the official launch of this blog! I’ve written many ideas down since the beginning of 2017, and it’s time to get this started.

I have so many ideas to share about motherhood, raising three children, how I incorporate my Usborne Books & More business into my daily life, activity and curriculum ideas for your home or classroom, and exploring the vibrant city of Cleveland while showing how I found my happiness in the Heights.

I’ll be gradually adding more to this blog, so stay tuned!

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We all have beginnings. So many beginnings. The beginning for me and the thought of creating a blog was about two weeks ago, but nothing really happened until today. The day the thin-sliced turkey lunch meat hit the floor thanks to my toddler.

I’m not talking still in the package, no big deal. I’m talking his chubby toddler hands and his strong toddler tippy-toes reached up together and pulled the lunch meat out of the package and slapped it down on the tiled kitchen floor. But where was I you might be asking? I stood and watched him do it, and I didn’t even try to stop him.

There are so many times in the past almost 7 years of motherhood that I have watched my children do something in a sort of hazy slow-motion, and pretty sure that will always be the case. And, I’m not saying that the daily nuances of raising three children will always be enlightening. But today, it did happen. Something remarkable happened in watching the lunch meat hit the floor.

My toddler, moniker of the name Tank turned and looked at me, his wide eyes looking for confirmation from me. With a blank face we locked eyes, and in his sweet toddler voice said, “Ut oh”. I smiled. He smiled back. And, we ate the dropped lunch meat off the floor. Three second rule, guys.

The point of all of this is: that one simple interaction made me giddily happy. Happy to be his mama. Happy to be wearing threadbare sweatpants, my favorite slippers, and holding a cold cup of coffee during the lunch hour. This IS my happiness. The mundane and thankless day to day. The crusty faces covered in yogurt. The marker caps forgotten and markers drying out. The geriatric dog I have to step over a million times a day. I’ve always felt pressure to be happy. Find happiness. Do what makes you happy. It’s like everywhere I look there is a reminder to find happiness. What if it’s already surrounding me? What if it’s already surrounding you?