We all have beginnings. So many beginnings. The beginning for me and the thought of creating a blog was about two weeks ago, but nothing really happened until today. The day the thin-sliced turkey lunch meat hit the floor thanks to my toddler.

I’m not talking still in the package, no big deal. I’m talking his chubby toddler hands and his strong toddler tippy-toes reached up together and pulled the lunch meat out of the package and slapped it down on the tiled kitchen floor. But where was I you might be asking? I stood and watched him do it, and I didn’t even try to stop him.

There are so many times in the past almost 7 years of motherhood that I have watched my children do something in a sort of hazy slow-motion, and pretty sure that will always be the case. And, I’m not saying that the daily nuances of raising three children will always be enlightening. But today, it did happen. Something remarkable happened in watching the lunch meat hit the floor.

My toddler, moniker of the name Tank turned and looked at me, his wide eyes looking for confirmation from me. With a blank face we locked eyes, and in his sweet toddler voice said, “Ut oh”. I smiled. He smiled back. And, we ate the dropped lunch meat off the floor. Three second rule, guys.

The point of all of this is: that one simple interaction made me giddily happy. Happy to be his mama. Happy to be wearing threadbare sweatpants, my favorite slippers, and holding a cold cup of coffee during the lunch hour. This IS my happiness. The mundane and thankless day to day. The crusty faces covered in yogurt. The marker caps forgotten and markers drying out. The geriatric dog I have to step over a million times a day. I’ve always felt pressure to be happy. Find happiness. Do what makes you happy. It’s like everywhere I look there is a reminder to find happiness. What if it’s already surrounding me? What if it’s already surrounding you?


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