Recommended Reading: Rainforest Edition

I just received my November curriculum yesterday, and November is going to be so fun! I’m especially looking forward to the STEAM Stations! Growing mold, exploring the Forest Floor, and Building a Nest are top on my list to share with my children.

With a new month quickly approaching, I’ve taken the guesswork out for you and have curated my top picks for books from Usborne Books & More for you to add to either your home or classrooms. Check out the list below and find out what made my #1 Must Have resource for November’s Theme Web on Rainforest Adventure.


Secrets Of The Rainforest

Rainforest to Color

Above and Below

Shine-A-Light Secrets of our Earth

Great Animal Search 


Underpants for Ants



Deadly Animals

The Jungle Challenge (NEW title by Bear Grylls!)

Frog on a Log

Tadpoles and Frogs

Lift-the-flap Opposites 

My number one-must-have for the month of November and learning about the Rainforest is:


This awesome activity comes with 10 3-D masks. Think of all the great Dramatic Play and Music & Movement activities you can come up with!

I hope you enjoyed my recommendations! As a special thank you for checking out my list, I’d love to offer to you a savings, but you must email me to receive the reimbursement, as my online ordering system does not accept coupon codes. Please email me at: and I’m happy to pass on to you this exclusive savings!

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So about that little mouse…

Guys. GUYS! Are you ready to be mind-blown? I learned something last night, and this is so amazing to me that I had to blog about it.

If you’re familiar with the popular That’s not my series from Usborne Books & More, maybe this isn’t new information for YOU, but it was for ME. Many people learn about and fall in love with Usborne books when they are gifted a book at their baby shower, stumble across one at their local library, or even by attending a social selling event. I often hear customers say that their very first Usborne book was one of the 50 titles in the popular That’s not my series. The 50th title will be available very soon from Usborne Books & More, and in case you’ve not heard yet, it’s That’s not my unicorn. I’m so excited!!

Back to my original point: I have a secret to share with you, that maybe wasn’t a secret for you, but hold on to your seats, because I’m going to share it with you now.

Did you know that there is a little white mouse to find in this 12 page book (which  includes the front and back of the book, as the story technically starts on the cover of each book)?


See? There he is!

You did? Okay! Good….me too! I knew that little guy was on the cover, back, and on the spread of the pages. Let’s take a look at some of the examples where this little mouse can be found in this particular series.

A few of the titles in the That’s not my series, and a new variation as well!


Bold colors and contrasting thick black lines are great for infants and toddlers. Different textures accompany the describing word to connect learning.


My toddler loves to find the mouse in these books! Here’s a fun surprise in the That’s not my fairy with mouse donning a pair of fairy wings and a magic wand too!


One of the perks of attending National Convention: brand new titles given to attendees at registration!

So, this is great? Right? That’s still not the insider intel I have as an Usborne Books & More Book Lady. The mind-blowing information is that the little mouse that shows up in this popular and well-loved series is the NARRATOR of the books! Take a look back at the images of the books posted above and you’ll have the “aha” moment that I did last night. Our friend, the little mouse is telling the story.

The next time you pick up one of the books in the That’s not my series, take a peek. Observe where the mouse is on the pages. Tuck away this piece of information, and if you have another aha moment or one of mind-blowing information in another Usborne or Kane Miller title, please share with me!

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